Now that Forskolin is a common name in the world of weight loss, you may be wondering where to buy Forskolin, ie Coleus Forskolii ?

We were wondering too!​

However, before hurrying into the closest store to buy Forskolin, this amazing fat burning supplement, we needed to understand Forskolin’s true origin.


Forskolin is a naturally derived compound found in the root of a purple flower called Coleus Forskolii, from the mint family.

where to buy Forskolin

Ancient Indian cultures originally used this herb to cure many physical illnesses for centuries on end. In the past decade, modern medicine began noticing many health benefits to using Forskolin extract as a weight loss tool.

Today, this mint-like plant is available from a number of retailers and online vendors.

Read what the best manufacturer of the product say about Forskolin!

This variety of choices may be confusing at first, so it’s important to figure out which options work the best for you. 

So where to buy Forskolin ?​

What Stores Sell Forskolin?

The easiest way to buy Forskolin, Coleus Forskolii could be to go to a physical store. This way you could see the product you are choosing and determine the percentage of Forskolin in each supplement.

There are several big format stores that have a large pharmacy section dedicated to weight loss supplements. Among the mentioned Forskolin extract providers, the following are the most well known and reputable.


GNC is an American-based commercial company, which focuses on the retail sale of health and nutrition related products.

This store operates as both a physical unit, scattered in all areas around the US, and an online vendor. GNC’s online selection offers a few choices of weight loss supplements, each containing varying amounts of Forskolii extract. 

The purest and most highly rated coleus product given with GNC is the Forskolin Lean & Tone supplement. This weight loss supplement comes with 60 capsules, each containing 250 mg of the Forslean mixture. Forslean is patented by BioGenetic Laboratories, and is derived only from the Coleus Forskolii herb, making each capsule worth 10% of Forskolin extract.

Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe is another American retailer responsible for supplying its customers with nutritional supplements.

vitamin shoppe buy forskolin

When it comes to buying Forskolin from Vitamin Shoppe, choices of different product variations may be overwhelming. The offering ranges from simple Coleus Forskolin extract to top quality Forskolin performance supplements.

The most popular brand on the Vitamin Shoppe online website happens to be Forskolin-95. This product has one of the purest Forskolin formulas available on the market and only has one extra ingredient – Hemerocallis Fulva extract.

Hemerocallis Fulva is a flower extract from a daylily species, and has an amazing effect on weight loss measures. Together, Forskolin-95 contains 50 mg of pure Coleus Forskolin extract and 250 mg of Hemerocallis Fulva Extract.


If you live in the western world, you must have shopped or at least heard about Walmart.

It is no shock that Walmart has one of the largest stocks of fat burning supplements in the United States. That being said, this store and online retailer caries over 30 different Forskolin extract combinations.

The most popular selection on the Walmart website is 100% Pure Forskolin by Vitality Max Labs, concerning unmixed extracts. This brand is cheaper than most on the market. Although, given Walmart’s reputation for being the low-end supplier of health supplements, you should inspect every product with caution before buying Forskolin.

Do Whole Foods Sell Forskolin?

When shopping for fat loss supplements you are most likely going to try the places that have an organic reputation. Since Forskolin extract is naturally derived from an herbal substance, its purity can be revealed in many ways.

This extract for weight loss has only taken flight in modern medicine for the past few years, and not all whole foods vendors have caught on to its use. However, stand-alone pharmacies, like CVS and Walgreens have recognized the benefit of Forskolin for weight loss.

where to buy Forskolin


Walgreens only offers two choices for Coleus Forskolii products, both of which are priced well under market value. Absolute Nutrition brand has Absolute Forskolin Metabolic Support Formula on sale, for 30 capsules. This option is completely gluten free, comes with no artificial dyes or preservatives, and contains Coleus Forskolii Root extract.

The Life Extension brand offers another option, which a bottle has 60 capsules filled with 10 mg of Forskolin extract.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS offers a few more choices than the Walgreens brand. Out of the weight loss supplements available, Irwin Natural Forskolin Fat-Loss Softgels has gained the most popularity. At 60 capsules per pack, this brand supplies a mix of Coleus Forskolii, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and ginger with black pepper extract.

Can You Buy Forskolin Online?

Much like the stores mentioned previously, purchasing premium pure Forskolin online has become an ordinary measure. Online vendors offer a wider selection with product reviews, which comes in handy when selecting a weight loss supplement that is perfect for you.

The biggest online retailer is Evolution Slimming, when it comes to buying Forskolin weight loss pills online.

forskolin reviews

A simple search on Evolution Slimming for Forskolin extract shows over 100 product results that contain this plant! 

Where To Buy Forskolin : What Now ?

Now that you know that Forskolin extract is a natural weight loss supplement that is effective and safe in use, you can get to shopping to buy Forskolin. A few things are important to keep in mind when buying Forskolin online:

An effective product use will only come from a reliable source. Meaning, you really have to be mindful to tell apart the fake reviews from real evaluations. Sometimes it is beneficial to even do some research on the brand itself, to see if it is worth buying Forskolin from them.

You should always read the back of each supplement, look at the ingredients list and note the percentage of Coleus Forskolii in the mix. Ideally, each pill or dose should contain at least 125 mg of pure Forskolin extract. Under Dr. OZ’s instruction, that amount is the minimum daily intake of Forskolin for weight loss purposes. Some brands may have additional unnecessary ingredients that may be a filler for the capsules.

When you buy Forskolin, it is important that you do your research and find the product that works best for you.

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Where To Buy Forskolin?
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