Coffee is one of the highest consumed beverages around the world, but is it healthy for people to consume. Here are eight reasons why coffee is possibly one of the healthiest drinks in the world for people to consume. 

In each of these studies or trials a cup of coffee equals about eight ounces and is described as plain black coffee or coffee with a little bit of cream or sugar rather than the sugary coffee drink that are sold in coffee shops. 

Coffee is full of antioxidants, boosts metabolism, improves exercise performance, protects against heart failure, lowers risk of certain cancers, lowers the risk of getting type two diabetes, protects against brain degenerative diseases, and helps to protect again liver disease.  

1. Coffee Is Full of Antioxidants

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Coffee, regular or decaffeinated, is full of antioxidants and appears to be the most beneficial to the consumer when consumed in moderation like one or two cups daily.

It has more antioxidants then fruits and vegetables according to a study done in 2013.  

The study looked at what food and drink items (coffee, wine, fruits, or vegetables) provided the body with more antioxidants and coffee came out on top by a lot. 

Coffee contributed about 11.1 mmol (one thousandth of a mole or mass) out of 17 mmol total consumed by people in the study. 

Key Point : Coffee has even more antioxidants then fruits and vegetables combined. 

2. Coffee Boosts The Metabolism

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In a study with four trials, coffee was shown to boost the metabolism in normal and obese people for up to three hours after the caffeine was consumed. 

The caffeine in coffee is a large contributor to why coffee boosts a person’s metabolism. It stimulates the nervous system and boosts the oxidation of fatty acids in the body.

 In the fourth trial, when regular coffee (not decaffeinated coffee) was consumed with a meal, it boosted a person’s metabolic rate even higher then when coffee was consumed on its own.

 Key Point : The caffeine in coffee helps to boost a person’s metabolism.  

3. Coffee Improves Exercise Performance

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When coffee is consumed 60 minutes before exercise it increases exercise performance by making it easier for people to perform their exercise routine until exhaustion.

The study was done with nine cyclists (seven men and two women) who did two trials: in the first trial, they consumed decaffeinated coffee and in the second, they consumed regular black coffee

After the trials, the cyclists said it was easier for them to perform their exercise routine after drinking regular black coffee rather than decaffeinated.

 Key Point : When consumed 60 minutes before exercise, coffee increases exercise performance. 

4. Coffee Protects Against Heart Failure

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Drinking coffee can help protect against heart failure

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard School of Public Health concluded, through their studies, that people who consumed two cups, or 16 ounces of coffee, daily reduced their ricks of dying of heart failure.

The researchers also stated that people who drink an average of 4 cups of coffee daily lowered their risk of heart failure by 11%.

 Key Point : Coffee when consumed daily helps to protect against heart failure. 

5. Coffee reduces the risk of cancer

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Drinking coffee can also protect a person against various forms of cancer such as prostate, liver, or skin cancer. 

In a study of 25,000 coffee drinks in South Korea, it was shown that drinking four cups of coffee a day reduces the risks for basal cell carcinor, the most common form of skin cancer.

Drinking coffee in moderation (one to two cups of coffee) can reduce the risks of liver cancer by 40%, but drinking three cups a day can reduce the risks by another 10%. 

 Key Point : Daily coffee consumption of two to four cups daily can help protect the body against various forms of cancer.  

6. Coffee reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

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Research from two different studies showed that coffee consumption helped to protect against type 2 diabetes, which is a lifestyle based disease. 

Researches at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) did three studies where

they concluded that if people increased their coffee intake over four years that they would lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by 11% over the next four years.

They determined that coffee increases the plasma levels of a protein that helps to control the body’s hormone levels which contributes to the development of this type of diabetes.

 Key Point : Drinking coffee can help protect against type two diabetes. 

7. Coffee can reduce brain degenerative diseases

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Drinking coffee in moderation can also help protect or delay against brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson’s. Researchers believe that coffee helps to suppress the brain from swelling. 

By drinking coffee it helps to lower the risks of Parkinson’s by 32-60%. Researchers believe that people with Parkinson’s who already drink coffee may be able to control their movements better because of the caffeine in coffee. 

Coffee may also delay or lower the risk of getting Alzheimer’s by up to 60%.

 Key Point : The more coffee people drink the lower their risk is to get Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

8. Coffee lowers the risk of liver disease

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Coffee consumption can also lower the risk of liver diseases like cirrhosis especially in alcohol drinkers or hepatitis.

Cirrhosis is where the liver tissue is mostly replaced with scar tissue. 

Alcohol drinkers can lower their risk of cirrhosis by 22% by drinking coffee on a regular basis according to a study done in California, USA. 

Researched published in the journal of Hepatology in their April of 2014 issue, suggests that coffee reduces the risks of liver cirrhosis death by 66% when two or more cups of coffee is consumed every day.

 Key Point : Coffee can lower the risk of liver decease. 

Final Thought …

Drinking coffee in moderation, one to two cups daily, can a lot of health benefits like antioxidants,boosts metabolism, improves exercise performance, protects against heart failure, lowers risk of certain cancers, lowers the risk of getting type two diabetes, protects against brain degenerative diseases, and helps to protect again liver disease

Drinking more than three or more cups of coffee can also have some health benefits for reducing the risk of certain cancers and brain degenerative diseases. 

Overall, it is recommended that people add two to four cups of black coffees into their diets to lower their risks for diseases and to boost their body’s performance.

The 8 Suprising Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You
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