1. Low Carb Diet

Having a fit body and a nice figure is what most people want to achieve.

For so many of us, looking good means feeling good and the tendency towards being slim is an always-existing phenomenon.

Still, the modern way of living leaves little room for dedicating our time to staying in shape. With the long hours at works, children and house to take care of, we seem to be putting our health in the background.

how to lose weight

But, does it have to be that way?

Most of you probably feel like you’ve tried it all and either it’s too hard to push through or the results seem to be missing. You still don’t know how to lose weight. We’ve all been there, trust me.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you there are simple yet effective ways of losing the excess weight and being the best version of yourself? Would you believe me?

Here’s the deal: there are many simple, easy and useful tips you can follow which will give you results faster than you think. All you need is dedication and determination.

You don’t need a lot of money or spending hours each day working out. In addition, starvation is out of the picture.

Keep reading to learn about amazing ways you can lose weight easily and, most importantly, in a healthy way. We prepared a list of 16 tips to lose weight safely, efficiently and fast.

Wait! Don’t run away, it’s not your typical ‘’I’ll starve to death’’ diet.

A low-carb diet focuses on eating healthier food with fewer carbohydrates. In other words, in order to respect this diet, you should avoid food containing large amounts of sugar as well as starch.

What does that mean?

Low Carb Diet

It means you should give up the industrial sweets, sugary drinks, bread, pasta, grains as well as fruit with high levels of sugar.

How does this differ from the typical counting calories diet?

Here’s how: when you count calories the main goal is to eat less than you burn. That way, by burning more calories than your calorie intake contains, you end up losing weight. Although this is true, there’s one thing you’re not considering.

By eating less food than your body actually needs and wants—you’re constantly hungry. Even though you might be determined and you manage to push through, this diet plan is bound to break at some point. And when that happens, you’ll be back to eating everything you’ve been refraining yourself from.

On the other hand, with a low-carb diet, you’re not starving at all. You’re just eating a different kind of food, but your body is satisfied and eventually, you end up eating less.

Here’s what you should include in your meal plan when on a low-carb diet:

Non-starchy Vegetables
Whole Grains

The bottom line is, a healthy low-carb diet is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables. The best part about it is that it makes weight loss much easier and you lose weight without feeling hungry.

2. Eat Regularly

Our body constantly communicates with us and it’s important to learn how to listen to it. If you ignore the messages it sends you, you won’t have any success with losing weight.

Therefore, don’t ignore the hunger signal your body sends you. Scientists claim that if you eat only once you’ve become super-hungry, the damage has been done to your body.

Here’s how: once your body feels extremely hungry, it gets scared that you might be in some kind of danger. Due to this, it automatically increases fat storage in your body so that it saves as much as possible for the longest possible time.

In other words, it decreases your metabolic rate and starts storing fat in your body. That definitely doesn’t sound good.

It basically means that your calorie burning is down to a minimum. Obviously, that’s a bad thing when you’re on a mission to lose weight and burn as much as possible.

Not to mention, you’ll eat much more food once you actually decide to eat. After a longer period of refraining from food, you’ll body will ask for much more food to recover.

Where does this leave you? It’s simple. Once you feel hungry, eat. Don’t wait until you’re extremely hungry. Simply give your body what it wants and eventually you’ll eat less food. Of course, keep in mind the type of food you’re eating (see section 1- Low Carb Diet).

Another great thing about eating regularly is that it eventually creates permanent healthy habits. You develop a system and your body gets a consistency out of it. This makes it easier for you to plan your meals and make sure you’re always prepared and organized so as to eat on time.

With these kinds of eating habits, you become less dependent on your spare time or working hours. You’re able to plan your day around your meals. Weight loss process is much easier this way.

3. Eat Real Food

We are all surrounded by processed food and industrial products which are not healthy. The worse thing about them is that their label always shows something like ‘’low-carb’’, ‘’dietary’’, ‘’fitness’’ etc.

However, if we take a closer look at their ingredients list, we might not be as pleasantly surprised.

When we say ‘’eat real food’’ here’s what we actually mean: eat food that is in its natural state or as less processed as possible. In other words, you should eat meat, eggs, fish, nuts, vegetables, olive oil, butter etc.

eat real food

These nature’s products should be as less processed as possible. That primarily means that you should eat fresh vegetables as much as you can. Meat and fish should be roasted, grilled or poached since those are the healthiest cooking methods.

To sum up, avoid buying products which are labeled as fitness, low-carb, and healthy meals. The manufacturers would do anything to make you buy their product. You can find chocolate chip cookies labeled as dietary or low-carb ice-cream which is actually packed with sugar.

Here’s what you should do: always check the label. If the label is short and clear then the product might be good for you. If the label is long and filled with chemicals you don’t understand, think about substituting that product with a healthier version.

The key to losing weight is in knowing exactly what you’re eating. Make sure to not be tricked. Eat real food.

4. Record Your Progress

Happiness is in the small things. The weight loss process is different for everyone and the progress is always happening at a different pace.

Therefore, make sure to record your personal progress so as to know how far you’ve gone in your weight loss journey.

Stick with us to find out what the best way to record your progress in losing weight is.


Firstly, by a notebook or create a special folder on your laptop and give it an interesting title. It could be: ‘’My weight loss journey’’, ‘’It’s time’’ or whatever keeps you inspired.

Creating this special place for recording your success actually makes you promise yourself you’re going to do it. It can remind you that you’re on a mission and must not bail on yourself.

Afterward, make sure to write the exact date of the start of your mission. This is necessary so that you keep track of the time spent working on improving your physique and getting rid of the excess weight.

Next, you need to make a record of starting point you’re at. Take a couple of pictures of yourself from different angles. After that, you need to measure yourself. Take a scale and see how much you weigh.

Write it down.

Also, take a measuring tape and measure your waist, thighs, and hips and write it down as well.

After doing this, you’re ready to make the next step. Set a date for a new measurement. However, keep in mind progress doesn’t come overnight. Therefore, it would be best to wait at least a month until the next progress check. If you check it more often, you might get disappointed since the results won’t be drastically different.

To sum up, make a precise record of your starting point and get down to business. Work on your body and don’t look at the initial measurements until at least one month later. After a month, record the progress and keep up the good work. Set another date and try making an even bigger progress.

5. Exercise

You’re probably thinking about skipping this part since you find it impossible to squeeze in an exercise routine into your tight schedule. Or perhaps, you haven’t done any exercise for so long you think it’s too late for you to start working out now.

What is more, you might feel like this would require you to join the gym which is either too expensive or you might feel uncomfortable working out in front of others.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

natural weight loss supplements

Working out for no more than 30 minutes, three times a week can work wonders for your body. And let’s be honest, 30 minutes is nothing. Everybody can manage to find half an hour to do an exercise routine. You could get up 30 minutes earlier or spend less time on your phone or in front of the TV and use that time to exercise.

Another great thing is that there are so many free full-length workout programs available on YouTube. What is more, there are programs suitable for all fitness levels. That means you can find workouts from low impact to high-intensity ones.

In addition, you can work out at home, since most of them require no equipment at all. This is a perfect opportunity for all of you who have doubt about being able to work out on their own.

The absolutely best part about exercising is that it doesn't necessarily include squats, crunches or jumping jacks. Apart from the classical exercise routine, you can opt for any other form of physical activity.

For instance, you can ride a bicycle with some friends. Also, you can take a walk around your neighborhood. You can even make plans with your friends to play a collective sport such as beach volleyball. Swimming is another great form of physical activation for the entire body.

In a nutshell, exercising is for everybody. You just need to find the right type for you and your preferences. Either way, once you get your body moving losing weight is a piece of cake (without the piece of cake).

6. Avoid Snacking

One of the trickiest habits to get rid of is definitely snacking. Most of us developed the strange habit of taking a bite of this or that every time we walk past some kind of food. Not to mention how we prepare meals for watching a movie or snacks for studying.

All of this leads to creating unhealthy and bad eating habits. Scientists claim that if you limit yourself to only eating at your kitchen or dining room, you’ll eat less food and lose weight faster.

Another problem with snacks is that it’s usually some kind of a salty, non-healthy snack or a candy filled with sugar. Snacks such as this are highly undesirable when you’re on a weight loss mission.

Cookies, chocolate bars, muffins, potato crisps, pretzels and all the other tempting snacks only make you feel hungrier even though they are high in calories. Therefore, you definitely need to say goodbye to these treats and focus your attention on healthier versions.

I know, it’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you avoid snacking completely.

First things first, you’ve got to get rid of all the unhealthy food from your pantry and food storage. Simply give it away to friends or take it to a homeless shelter. Once you get rid of the temptations around the house, you’re safe and free from secretly eating when no one is watching.

Next, make sure not to buy additional snacks when you go grocery shopping. This is very important since most of us feel tempted to buy unhealthy snacks when we’re at the supermarket.

There are two ways of dealing with this: either don’t go to the snacks and candy section or don’t go to the supermarket. Instead, you can go to a local marketplace and avoid running into your favorite ex snack-buddies.

Most importantly, make sure to have healthy food around the house, to satisfy your cravings which are bound to happen, especially at the beginning. The best snacks are fresh vegetable salads.

Therefore, make sure to always stock up on carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives, lettuce, cabbage and all your other favorite vegetables. Pay special attention to dressings. Keep it simple and healthy. Use olive oil and don’t add sugar or too much salt in it.

Fruit can also be a healthy snack, but, since it contains sugar, you should avoid eating large amounts of it. The best fruits for a low carb diet are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, plum, clementine, and kiwi. The highest-carb fruits are bananas and grapes, so don’t overdo them.

Still, if a banana is the ‘worst’ thing you’re going to eat during the day, go ahead. Just don’t let those muffins get you.

7. Drink Lots of Water

In the world of dieting and losing weight, water is a holy liquid. It is the healthiest and most powerful thing you can consume while dieting. It’s super-important to keep your body hydrated. Stick with us to see what magical functions water has for your body.

Let’s get started by reminding ourselves 60% of your body is water. In other words, water helps maintain a healthy digestion system, circulation, bowel function, absorption of healthy nutrients and maintain your body temperature. It basically helps your body in every possible way. Therefore, while you’re dieting, water will keep all the rich and healthy nutrients running through your body.

Does anyone know how many calories does water have? I’ll tell you: zero.

Water is a perfect choice of drink for those of us trying to lose weight. Just take a look at how many calories per serving do other popular beverages have:

Café Latte - 125 calories
Sweetened ice tea - 135 calories
Apple juice - 170 calories
Orange juice - 160 calories
Energy drink - 105 calories
Coca Cola - 140 calories

This is just a plain calories comparison, and don’t get us started on the amount of sugar in most of these drinks. A single bottle of most of the soft drinks out there goes beyond the daily recommended dosage.

Therefore, it’s best for you to stick with the healthiest drink out there: plain water. Drink at least 8 glasses (2 liters) of water a day.

8. Find a Diet Buddy

We all need some support from others no matter what we decide to do. The best kind of support comes from those going through the exact same thing as we are. Due to this, a diet buddy can be an excellent ingredient to you weigh-loss master plan.

A diet buddy could be a friend of yours trying to lose weight as well. You can team up and prepare healthy meals together, cheer each other up and compare your results. This kind of support can be crucial in those critical moments when you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

A little pep talk and team spirit from you partner in crime are precious when you feel down. Same goes for you. Make sure to have your friend’s back when moments of despair come.

If you don’t have a friend who wants to join your mission, you can find a diet buddy online. There are blogs and forums where people team up to help each other out. You can exchange ideas with your online friend.

avoid snacking

What is more, you can send each other pictures of your progress and give feedback to one another. Also, the competitive spirit in you will keep you motivated to make better results and show them to your new friend.

All things considered, you are stronger together. Once you find someone to follow along on the way to a better you, nothing will seem as hard or as impossible as before. Keep it in mind and start searching for your diet-buddy right now.

9. Prepare Your Own Food

There’s more than one good reason to prepare your own meals and spend some time cooking instead of buying supermarket meals to heat them in a microwave.

The number one benefit of making your own meals is that you know exactly what it is that you’re eating. You choose your own groceries and ingredients. In addition, you prepare them according to your preferences and what you believe is the best choice for you.

Supermarket meals and conserved food are full of additives and chemicals to keep them from going bad. They are packed with these conserving substances which are not good for you.

Therefore, if you’re seriously thinking about losing weight, forget these meals to go and start spending more time in the kitchen.

Apart from the obvious difference in the quality of meals, there’s another psychological factor involved. Preparing your own meals makes you spend some time and invest an effort into your food. Further, this leads to you being more exposed to food in the process of making it.

Some researchers claim that making your own food leads to you eating less of it. Why? It is probably because the process of preparing it and being exposed to all the smells and aromas makes you less hungry.

Finally, if you’re too busy working all day and don’t think you have the time to prepare your own meals, think about making to go meals the night before. There are recipes all over the internet, to help you prepare a healthy lunch to carry it with you.

10. Sleep More

Sleep is important for proper functioning of your entire organism. What is more, it is closely related to weight loss and healthy eating habits. Keep reading to find out how sleep affects what you eat.

As we previously mentioned, your body is always up and running, trying to recognize danger signals and prevent anything bad from happening to you. The same goes with the lack of sleep. If you sleep less than what your body needs, it get stressed out.

The stress caused by improper sleep leads to increased levels of stress hormones in your body. Due to this, your body sends hunger signals to your brain in order to try to recover through extra energy. Therefore, you feel hungrier, eat more and gain weight.

In addition, your blood sugar levels tend to decrease if you don’t manage to get enough sleep. This means your body will crave for sugar.


Having said all of this, it’s obvious that sleep is essential for your weight loss plan. Make sure to get enough rest and sleep as much as you need. Most people find 6-8 hours a sleep every night enough to get rested and refreshed.

Still, you need to find your own pace and sleeping schedule and make the most out of it. With enough sleep, your body won’t need additional energy from food. It will leave you to choose what to eat and when to eat it.

11. Drink Lemon Water

The way you kick-start your day is crucial for proper functioning of your body during your daily activities. This is why it’s best to find a healthy way to wake your body up and prepare it for what’s coming in the rest of your day.

In case you’ve never tried this out, you might be shocked by its pleasant effect on your entire system. We’re talking about the simple drink called lemon water.

Here’s how you make it: take one lemon and squeeze all the juice out of it. Mix it up with a glass of pure water and enjoy. In addition, it would be best to make the water mildly warm and not cold. Warm water will have a more soothing effect on your body. Drink this refreshing beverage every morning before breakfast and enjoy its brilliant simplicity.

But, how does lemon water help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, when you drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach it spreads all over your stomach and liver cleansing your body from all the toxins. Therefore, it boosts your metabolism and makes your body burn fat and calories faster. To put it simply, it shakes your system up and speeds the metabolic rate of your body.

Once your body receives this kind of a morning treatment, it’s ready to work hard during the rest of the day.

Still life with lemon juice and sliced lemons on color mat, closeup

However, lemon water has many more other benefits for your health. It’s rich in vitamin C which builds up your immune system. That way, you’re less likely to catch a cold or a virus. In addition, it helps your digestive system work properly. Finally, it keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenates it.

However, just drinking lemon water won’t get you far with losing weight. You need to combine this method with a healthy diet or working out regularly. Lemon water is a perfect partner for all the other weight loss methods we’ve told you about.

12. Keep a Food Diary

If you become aware of the things you during a single day, you might realize something new about your eating habits. The best way to actually pay attention to what you eat is to keep a food diary.

What is a food diary? Let’s get right to it.

A food diary is a record of all the things that you eat and drink during a certain period of time. You can use a notebook or a file on your laptop. The only thing that matters is that you write down everything. Not just your main meals but all the snacks, drinks and seemingly insignificant things you put in your system.

This kind of keeping track of your food can work wonders for your weight loss process. How? Well, you become aware of all the things you eat outside of the three regular meals you should be concentrating on.

Most of us don’t realize how much food we eat just because it's on the table in front of us, or we’re bored and need something to keep us occupied. Moreover, we take a bite of this or that walking through the room without even noticing it.

However, with a food diary, you develop a habit of thinking before eating. Do you really need that snack? Are you actually hungry? Most people quit their snacking habits using this method.

It’s perfect to get you motivated to eat clean and cut down on sweets and unhealthy snacks.

13. Cheat Day

Don’t get too excited by the title, cheat day is probably not what you’re thinking about.

It’s not a day you chose whenever you want that you spend eating candy, sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing.

Sorry, not what we have in mind. Make sure to read all about what cheat day actually is and how it helps you stay fit.

Firstly, cheat day is for those of you who make a weight loss plan and stick to it. That means you eat clean, you exercise and put some effort into getting rid of all the excess weight.

You keep track of your progress and you probably start seeing some changes. In other words, you’re giving your best at trying to be healthier and slimmer.

a hungry girl opens the fridge

If that’s you, we believe you’re allowed to have a cheat day. Here’s what it’s all about: a cheat day allows you to have a guilty-pleasure. That means you can have a piece of your favorite cake, a fruit salad, skip a day of exercising, eat a larger portion of your low-carb diet etc.

In other words, cheat day lets you relax just a little bit. This way, you give yourself a well-deserved award for all the hard work.

The most important thing about cheat day is: you must not overdo it. You need your cheat as small as possible so as not to ruin all your previous effort.

Also, don’t have a cheat day too often. Once or two times a month is more than enough for you to give yourself a treat. It will give you an overall feeling of satisfaction and make the whole weight loss process easier and enjoyable.

14. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol could be one of your biggest enemies while dieting. You might want to rethink drinking alcohol, at least for a short while, until you reach some results.

Maybe you’ve heard that calories from alcohol are called ‘’empty calories’’. This is because they have no nutritional value. That means they have no significant positive contribution to your diet. In other words, your body doesn’t benefit from drinking alcohol, and it still adds up to your calorie count.

Here’s the number of calories found in a glass of your favorite alcohol beverages:

Cosmo -146 calories
Beer - 125 calories
Red Wine - 125 calories
Martini - 124 calories
White Wine - 120 calories
Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin - 95 calories

Fascinating, right? Just think about the number of glasses you drink per night and you can kiss your diet goodbye.

In addition, alcohol has another sneaky effect on you. It makes you hungry. Alcohol increases your appetite which leads to even more food calories intake. That combination is definitely the worse for your weight loss mission.

Therefore, it’s best to leave alcohol aside for a while and focus on drinking water or freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

15. Be Persistent and Stay Motivated

Starting the process of working on your body, losing weight and striving for a slimmer body can be stressful. However, what’s even harder is to stay focused and not give up in the hardest moments.

We want you to know that results don’t come overnight. It will take some time for you to actually look and feel better. Depending on your individual body and metabolism, the results might be visible after a shorter or longer period of time.

But there’s one thing we know for sure: there will be results if you just stay focused. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if things don’t go as fast as you expected. Instead, keep pushing forward.

Make sure to find things which will keep you motivated. It could be a picture of you from a couple of years ago when you had your desired weight. Or perhaps, it could be motivational messages you read to yourself every morning. You might find the support in your friends and family.

Whatever it is that keeps you up and running, stick to it. It’s not an easy road you’re on and you definitely need some kind of additional help and motivation. Once the first results are visible and people start complimenting your success, you’ll see that it all pays off at the end.

16. Diet pills

If you have serious weight issues, and you find it hard to push through any of the previous methods without any help, you may as well try out some diet pills.

First of all, you should calculate your BMI (body mass index), using one of the online BMI calculators. After typing in your weight, height, gender and age, the calculator tells you whether your BMI is normal or you step to being overweight or even obese.

If your calculation classifies you as being seriously overweight or obese, weight loss pills could be helpful to get you started on your weight loss journey.

The next thing you should do is consult your doctor. Even though there are some safe and effective weight loss pills you don’t need a prescription for, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Due to this, consulting your doctor is a good precaution measure. He can tell you which weight loss pills or supplements would be best for you.

Afterward, make sure to give it your best to lose weight. The pills can help you but they work best combined with a healthy diet plan and an exercise plan. Supplements cannot work wonders if you sit back, eat fast food and not move at all.

It all boils down to this: you need to take weight loss supplements seriously. Act according to the instructions on the label or your doctor’s instructions. In addition, work on improving your health by eating clean and activating yourself. 

Take a walk, go for a jog or do an exercise routine from time to time. This way, you can expect the best possible results.


After reading through our weight loss tips, what do you think? Did we answer the question of how to lose weight?

Obviously, the first step is the hardest. Taking matters into your own hands can be stressful and confusing. Still, the guide we’ve given you can be really handy and gives you space to create your own weight loss plan.

Keep in mind you can’t possibly try out all of the methods we’ve listed above at the same time. Choose the ones you liked the most or thought would be best for you.

Once you try some of these out, make sure that what you’re doing actually makes you feel good. If you find anything unpleasant or harmful for your body, don’t do it.

Finally, listen to your body. If it starts feeling better it will signal that whatever it is that you’re doing – works. Therefore, choose your weight loss methods and be determined. The results are bound to start appearing.

So, what do you think about our weight loss tips list? Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other tips for our readers? Make sure to leave a comment and tell us all about it. We’ll be more than happy to see what you have to say.

How to Lose Weight? 16 Tips to Lose Weight Safely, Efficiently and Fast
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