In this article, we'll show you the best ways to lose belly fat fast and to lose weight naturally.

Abdominal fat, also known as‘visceral’ fat, can be one of the most dangerous areas to have it in excess.

Because this fat in located near vital organs of the body (liver, pancreas and intestines), it can have effects on hormones and insulin. According to a study in the Current Diabetes Review, this may lead to diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

This excess belly fat can also be particularly difficult to shift.

So how to lose excess belly fat ?

The 9 methods and belly fat burning foods that we'll present you can fit easily into your weight loss diet. They'll help you to burn belly fat fast to get a flat stomach.

Method 1 : Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

A study by the American Journal of Physiology shows that aerobic exercise “is the most time-efficient and effective exercise mode”.

Would this mean that aerobic is the best exercise to reduce belly fat ? Indeed, this exercise works great on reducing belly fat.

Any kind of aerobic weight lose exercise will do. You don’t need to do a lot, you just need to these exercises to get rid of belly fat little but often.

How to Lose Belly Fat

As long as you spend 30 minutes to exercise for a flat stomach at a high-intensity, you should have the same benefits as those who regularly exercise.

Also, if you feel up to it, studies find that shorter, higher-intensity workouts can burn stomach fat more than moderate exercising.

A study published in the Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders Journal found that in 12 weeks, individuals reported a 26% reduction in stomach fat when they trained with high-intensity exercises.

So let's get started to exercise to burn fat!

Method 2. Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle

how to get rid of belly fat

Studies show that weight training 3 times a week can increase the number of calories that the body burns when it is at rest.

This means that while aerobic exercise may reduce belly fat, weight training can help keep it off.

A mixture of both seems to be the winning combination. Gaining muscle is particularly beneficial to middle-aged, overweight or obese individuals. Indeed, as it increases lean muscle, according to this study in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

To help you gain muscles, you may also try legal steroid, such as Crazy Bulk, one of my favorite! Results are amazing.

Method 3. Lose Weight At Home With A Stability Ball

A stability ball may be the best way to lose belly fat, bring your exercise regime into your life.

It can be a great substitute for a chair at your office or at home. A study into stability balls by Human Factors has found that it has an effect on muscle activation. So it may be a great way to top up the progress made from weight training.

There are many exercises involving a stability ball that can enhance your toning such as : push-ups, squats, crunches and planks.

You'll feel the burn even more than when doing these fat burning exercises without a ball. This is because the body struggles to maintain its normal balance.

With this belly fat diet and exercise, you’ll find those love handles tightening up too in no time!

Method 4. Lower Your Stress Levels to Lower Belly Fat

Yoga is a great weight loss exercise to practice to lower your stress level and increase muscle strength.

There are many different kinds of yoga that you can practice. Ranging from the more basic Hatha yoga, to Vinyasa , to Bikram and everything in between. Besides, anyone can do yoga. You can work at your own pace and to your own abilities as instructors don't push you to your limits.

A study in 2005 by the American Council of Exercise found that Hatha yoga, when practised regularly, improves flexibility, strength, endurance and balance.

But yoga can also get a flat stomach fast by a hormonal process in your body.

Indeed, where yoga really shines is its ability to lower cortisol (the “stress hormone”) levels. When your body goes through the everyday stresses, it releases this hormone, and this hormone stores belly fat.

best way to lose belly fat

Also, according to a study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, yoga lowers cortisol levels and also have an antidepressant effect.

So, Yoga is a great form of exercise to reduce belly fat, raise your heart rate in some varieties and improve muscular strength too.

Method 5. Cut Down On Carbs To Reduce Weight

Opt for a weight loss diet that is low in carbohydrates.

A low-carb diet involves replacing sugary, processed food, foods containing gluten and trans-fats with real-foods to lose weight naturally.

These include healthy eating such as : lean meats, fish, eggs, lowcarb vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, highfat dairy and healthy fats and oils. To maintain a balanced diet though, you must think about adding some potatoes or sweet potatoesas complex and healthy carbohydrates.

Grains that don't contain gluten are fine to eat in moderation if you follow this kind of weight loss diet. Maybe swap your pasta for pasta made from brown rice. Or have quinoa with your salads to keep yourself feeling full.

Lowcarb diets show in many studies to have a positive effect on weight loss.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a lowcarb diet may be more effective than a low-fat one. Indeed, some individuals showed a 7kg difference in weight loss.

Another study in the Obesity Journal found that cutting out carbohydrates also have a positive effect on mood, hunger, fatigue, troubles sleeping and stomach issues.

Some of these effects can be explained by a 42% increase in energy expenditure reported by the following study.

Method 6. Pile Up On Proteins For Weight Loss

A lowcarb diet means you have plenty more space on your plate to get in plenty of protein sources. This can help you to lose belly fat fast.

Protein’s effectiveness is especially true of individuals that are older. Indeed, the body produces more insulin and can become insulin resistant. Therefore, fat cells and muscles in the body no longer respond to the hormone. This can promote the storing of more fat around the abdominal area.

A study at Maastricht University found that protein balances out energy levels, regulates weight and increases satiety. This means you’ll find the belly fat easier to maintain and control. And you won’t reach for those snacks as often.

Method 7. Eat The Right Fats

Another interesting food group which if you want to lose fat belly fast is the fats group.

Saturated fats burn at a lower rate than polyunsaturated fat. They also like to settle around the belly.

You can find these good fats in nuts, seeds and fish. The European Journal of Nutrition conducted a study that shows that this kind of fat can lead to a higher resting metabolic rate.

This means that alongside weight loss training, eating the right fats can also burn more calories without the effort.

Polyunsaturated fats are not processed. They are better for you than the trans-fats that you can find in all sorts of unhealthy junk food, laden with sugar.

what to eat to lose weight

Method 8. Eat Healthy Fiber

Fiber is known for its ability to prolong and enhance a feeling of satisfied fullness. This can decrease the desire for more food.Therefore, a highfiber breakfast is an ideal way to get the day off to a good start. And, of course, to lose weight naturally.

A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that adding soluble fibre produces high satiety ratings and cause to eat less at lunch time.

Fiber also improves digestive health at the same time as keeping that belly under control.

You should aim, as always, to have at the very least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Intersperse these with oats, beans, lentils, bran, corn and wholegrains and you are well on the way to achieving a high fiber weight loss diet.

Method 9. Drink Green Tea To Eliminate Belly Fat

diet to eliminate belly fat

We all know about the benefits of green tea. And how it can help to lose weight in How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight.

Indeed, green tea is a great substitute for any drinks loaded with sugar and calories. On the other hand, fructose-sweetened soda beverages increase visceral fat and decrease the body’s natural sensitivity to insulin as the Journal of Clinical Investigation has shown. They are also full of carbohydrates.

When you undergo a lowcarb weight loss diet it can be the fizzy drinks that are overlooked the most.

A study in by the Obesity Society in "Obesity: A Research Journal" reports that ingesting green tea extract conduct to significant decrease of body weight. A further study by the American Institute of Nutrition shows a particular decrease in visceral fat.

These 9 ways to lose belly fat fast can lead to a healthier, happier, less paunchy-around-the-middle you. Now, let's take a look at the best belly fat burning foods.

Belly Fat Burning Foods

For proteins:


Eggs are a great source of protein and way to lose belly fat fast. Although eggs won’t lower cholesterol, they are much more nutritious than the trans-fats that have the same effect.

Also, Eggs contain a whole host of vitamins as well as minerals like iron, folic acid and selenium. Check out #3 in our article 10 Awesomely Healthy Low Carb Recipes for a delicious way to cook your eggs in the morning.

Look for organic or omega-3 enriched eggs to up the nutrition factor and blast that lower belly fat.


Any increase in your cholesterol from eggs can be counteracted with beans. According to a study of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition conducted by Arizona State University Polytechnic, half a cup of beans can reduce LDL (“bad” cholesterol) by up to 10%.

Professor Winham, a researcher on this study says that beans have “more protein and fiber than any other vegetable” as well as vital vitamins and minerals.

Try adding beans to your egg breakfasts can help you to reduce lower belly fat.


Almonds are the ideal snack to keep your cravings. A handful of these nuts between meals can keep your metabolism running. They are a good way to get the right amount of protein into your weight loss diet.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that 1.5oz a day is enough to lower cholesterol and “central adiposity”. Central Adiposity is better known as the fat around the lower belly area in as little as 6 weeks.

For fat:


Avocados are a type of “good” fat.

Use mashed avocado as a spread on toast, bread or with a little lime, salt and pepper as a dip for your vegetables.

Choosing healthier fats can help lower triglycerides, the fat (lipid) levels in your blood. This fat can lead to a variety of health problems according to one review published in The Lancet.

Avoid this fat and eat avocado to get rid of belly fat.

For fiber:

Apples And Blueberries

Full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruit is one of the top foods to reduce your lower belly fat.

The fiber helps you stay full for longer as your body spends more time breaking it down. The high water content makes them lower in calories to lose weight, too.

This 2013 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that individuals report a weight loss effect of increased water consumption when paired with a good weight loss diet.

Green leafy vegetables

This research report of Lund University in Sweden found that when added to participants’ diets, green plant membranes promoted satiety and decreased the urge for sweet and fatty foods, leading to weight loss.

Introducing spinach or romaine lettuce into a meals is a great way to reduce snacking in between meal times. And of course to lose your belly fat.

Whole Grain Oats

Whole grains regulate blood sugar, making oats an ideal breakfast to enjoy. You’ll want to get sugar and sweetener-free 100% pure whole grain oats, so that you know exactly what you’re putting in to your body.

You can always sweeten your oats with natural sweeteners like raw honey or pure maple syrup. This way you can better control your sugar intake.

A study in the Journal of Family Practice found results that whole grain oat cereals can also improve blood pressure control, helping you lower blood pressure naturally.

According to 2 studies (one in 2007 and one in 2008) in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, whole grains can help your body to more healthily redistribute your stomach fat.

Although participants didn't notice a change in weight loss, some reported up to a 21% reduction of their abdominal fat.

Whole grains are great for getting rid of that dangerous visceral fat.Top with some blueberries and flaked almonds, you’re well on the way to lower belly fat.


We spoke about the benefits of 3 different exercices to lose belly fat: aerobic, resistance and flexibility.

We touched upon how green tea can be your new "superfood" best friend to shed those inches from your waistline.

Finally, we provided you with a list of belly fat burning foods that help get rid of lower belly fat for good.

Before undergoing any changes in diet or in exercise make sure to consult a doctor or physician.

They'll provide you with the best advice as to how to go about losing weight.

Do you have any sworn-by methods of losing belly fat? Have you tried any of our ways to lose belly fat fast? Share your experiences by leaving us a comment.

9 Suprising Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast
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